Changes in Foden Grealy

There have been changes in Foden Grealy over the last year. Very, very sadly John McCubbin, our closest associate, died after a short illness. He was a great supporter in so many ways, not least in the unknotting of things that led to the Gubbins video. I shall miss him a great deal.

My long-time business partner Vince Grealy has retired from government consulting work. For the avoidance of doubt we continue, as before, to exchange insults regularly. Only less frequently. As he now lives in Yorkshire.

Mark Hainge has joined me to make videos. We have started Eggvids - making simple, catchy videos that explain complicated stuff. About which I am hugely excited.

I'm still here happily bashing away at the consultancy work. But, since that side of Foden Grealy is just me now, I've decided to change the website. I've swapped for and moved the blog posts across. (Do let me know if you spot any technical mis-firing.)

I'm continuing trading through Foden Grealy Ltd; and urls and email addresses will work as before.

And I wish you a super 2015.