Good facilitators can make powerful stuff happen

Great post this morning from Matthew Taylor about the human dimension of public sector change - The path to transformation: ‘Help’ I was particularly taken by a story.

Matthew was facilitating a meeting of people from various public and voluntary sector agencies. One of the presenters, from the NHS, spoke of the severe difficulties of coping with winter health problems. This evoked a “palpable mood” in the room that Matthew, instead of allowing the presenter to carry on, voiced. He was startled by the reaction.

Within a few minutes the officer was surrounded by a gaggle of fellow leaders discussing what they could all do to help.

Several people made genuine offers of help and…

The whole room was charged with energy as the managers were powerfully reminded of the very reason they joined the public and voluntary sector in the first place.

This would not have happened if Matthew had said nothing. Or had said the wrong thing. Or had said the right thing the wrong way.

Good facilitators can make powerful stuff happen.