Absolutely loved this
Simon Wardley
Bloody brilliant!
James Findlay
I love this video
Mike Bracken
A work of considerable genius
Tom Loosemore

The "Gubbins of Government" is the name of a video that I made in 2014. It explains how digital technology might change the way government works. It's what I think of when people talk about "Government as a Platform".

The US tech guru Tim O'Reilly popularised the idea of Government as a Platform in 2010. I was at a conference he ran about it - Gov 2.0 Expo. I heard him when he first spoke about it. I've been excited by the idea ever since. I've written about it lots: 2010 (my second ever blog post), 2011, 2013 and 2014.

The Government Digital Service adopted the idea in about 2014 and I made the video to explain it. The video was a success. I get asked to speak about it quite a bit.

Even better, I've been asked to make more videos, so I've set up a video business - Eggvids.