The Clock and the Cat podcast

I've just started a podcast called The Clock and the Cat.

It's about complexity in organisations. If you read this blog then you will know what I'm on about; if you don't, see my posts about complexity.

In the complexity vein, this is an experiment: to see what happens and so I can learn about podcasting.

There are two episodes so far. Episode 1 is a 7-minute introduction to the ideas and Episode 2 is a discussion with Daniel Thornton about the potential for complexity thinking in government.

Episode 3 (and possibly 4) will be a discussion of the basic concepts of complexity with Roland Kupers. Published in mid-January.

You can subscribe on iTunes or by RSS. Or you can just listen at

Please do send me feedback and let me know what you'd like to hear about in the future.

Thanks (and Merry Christmas).