Waiting is a change strategy


A play about change, wot I wrote...

Act One

One evening in a kitchen, somewhere in the south of England...

Wife of Change Management Consultant: What's that?

Change Management Consultant: It's an iPhone.

Wife: What does it do?

MC: Phoning and stuff.

Wife: What are you doing?

MC: Emailing someone.

Wife: So it does email?

MC: Yes. Is the kettle on?

Wife: What else?

MC: Stuff. Technology stuff. You wouldn't be interested.

Wife picks up and fiddles with phone...

Wife: I want one.

MC: You don't need one. What time is supper?

Act Two

Two weeks later, same kitchen...

MC: What's that?

Wife: It's an iPhone.

MC: You got an iPhone?

Wife: Yes!

MC: You got an iPhone??

Wife: Yes!!

MC: What are you doing with it.

Wife: Gmail. Google Calendar. Evernote. Remember the Milk. "Stuff", as you put it.

MC: But you hate all that.

Wife: I hated it when you were telling me I needed it. I hated it when I couldn't use it.

Chastened, the management consultant stares at the kitchen table, reminded that dramatic behavioural change is possible in even the seemingly recalcitrant; and that waiting until technology becomes usable by your average non-enthusiast is a sensible change strategy.

Disclaimer - Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead or asleep on the sofa in our living room is purely coincidental.