David Cameron's government organogram

There is fabulous news in an announcement from Number 10 on opening up government data; but one requirement in it caught my eye...

"Organograms for central government departments and agencies that include all staff positions to be published in a common format from October 2010."

Bit worried we may end up with a Gov 1.0 solution here. Perhaps I am being a bit unfair but the possibility of a - recruit consultants to identify best format; develop system; system takes longer than expected to build; buy-in by users falters... rigmarole - looms.

I do hope that whomever gets the job of sorting this out goes for a Gov 2.0 solution. Get everyone to put their details on (let's say) Google Profiles** and do a mash-up to create wiring diagrams? I won't go on about the potential benefits.

**Superpower field mandatory of course