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Communications at the Digital Gunfight

This is about the futility of managing digital transformation with pdf documents, email and large oak tables.

Managing profound change is a gunfight: turning up with a plastic spoon, no matter how valiantly, will not go well. I challenge the unquestioned mental model that information lives and circulates on digital A4 pages stored in manilla folders. I talk about my experiences of promoting collaboration in the NHS and the challenges of shifting to new communication tools such as wikis, messaging apps and task managers. I also talk about a digital start up I am involved with - the collaboration tool TextThing. To be digital on the outside, we must also be digital on the inside.

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4Ex Thinking

The 4Ex Model - a way to think about doing innovative things in complex environments (and to avoid big mistakes).

I explain a model that has 4 words beginning with Ex (see picture). It's a framework I developed for understanding how the management needs of business initiatives change through their life-cycles and how the agile malarkey fits with everything else. I tell the story of how it became a very successful can-opener of change in a sophisticated technology organisation that was shifting to Internet operations. I explain how it was used for all sorts of things from growing innovation communities to designing large IT infrastructures. More...

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The Clock and the Cat

A simple talk about complexity (in organisations). It has clocks, cats and lots of pictures.

This is about increasing complexity in the world - caused mainly by digital technology - and the fundamental problems it brings. I talk about the emerging science of complex systems. I use it to reveal the critical difference between Complicated situations - that yield to traditional, linear change programmes; and Complex ones - that don't. I illustrate with examples from recent history of government technical programmes and explain the counter-intuitive changes in mindset needed to make real change happen. More...


Gubbins of Government

About how digital technology will change government. It starts with a simple video that explains Government as a Platform and features Steve, a bloke from a chip shop.

I show a 3-minute video that I made in 2014 - The Gubbins of Government - about digital government. The video has become well known and is used by digital government folk across the world, to introduce Government as a Platform. I explore the consequences of fundamental changes to the shape of government and use current examples to explain challenges and tensions. More...



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